Reopening the Dojo

Reopening the Dojo

Hey! It's Stuart from CoderDojo Dulwich. I have been getting messages from people asking when CoderDojo Dulwich will reopen, sadly I do not have a timeline as of yet, but hold tight! We will be opening soon.

Looking for Volunteers

In order for the Dojo to continue, I will need volunteers to help support the running the dojo.

Helping young people develop new skills and explore their creativity is very rewarding. Also, it’s a lot of fun! 

We aim to bring coding to more young people in and around Dulwich. We would greatly appreciate if you could share your knowledge with our young attendees by volunteering with us! Our CoderDojo Dulwich runs monthly, but any time you can contribute is appreciated.

You do not need to be a programmer to mentor at a Dojo! Dojos benefit from having mentors with different skills, backgrounds, and levels of knowledge who provide support and encouragement to CoderDojo youth (Ninjas). 

If you could spare some time to volunteer at CoderDojo Dulwich, please contact me using the form below:


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