CoderDojo Dulwich #11 [18/Jan/2020]

This is our 1 year anniversary of CoderDojo at The Charter School East Dulwich! We had our first coding session in Jan 2019 and this year has gone fast! We will have some party food and a birthday cake, and feel free to bring treats along for the party.

Come celebrate our first anniversary and explore digital technology with the support of fellow Ninjas and volunteer mentors in a fun and social environment.

The event is completely free, though numbers are limited. You will need to register and get a ticket before the Dojo.

IMPORTANT: Children 12 and under MUST attend with a parent/guardian for the whole session. All children will need to bring a laptop to code on.

We will also continue with looking at building Scratch projects for younger Ninjas and HTML/CSS webpages for Ninjas who are interested with web technologies.

CoderDojo is all about self-led learning: it’s quite different from a traditional classroom setting! Children can work on anything they want to, but we will provide exercises to choose from. Mentors like to say “ask three, then me”. This means the young people ask themselves first, Google, their peers, and if they’re still stuck, then to ask the mentors.

Please note:
– Any children 12 or under must be accompanied with a parent/guardian at all times. 
– All children will need to bring a laptop to code on.
– A free ticket must be booked to attend the session, if you book but are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reallocate tickets.

Book your ticket on Eventbrite


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